Prayer and the Wind

I need to be quick this morning, but I need to record our wonderful afternoon and evening last Sunday.  The McHargue’s called a prayer meeting for a possible adoption ministry at Trinity.  We met at their home with the Salladin’s.  It was such a wonderful time as we heard Tim and Leandra’s heart for adoption, and the place that God has led them in the process.  I just listened a lot and my heart was so full and my eyes were moist as I realized the work that God was doing and going to do.  At one point, Tim mentioned that God was up to something in our church, but he didn’t know what.  When we prayed, the emphasis was almost more on our church, namely that God would pour out his Spirit on us and do his work among us.  We all went around and prayed sincerely and passionately and then Tim closed.  All of us didn’t move or say a word – we were not done yet.  We sang Spirit of the Living God and even then didn’t stop.  There were some great moments of silence.  God was there and I am certain that God was pleased.

Later that evening, back at home, Julie was asleep in front of the fire and I went and lay down beside her.  My thoughts were consumed with our time together earlier that afternoon and I just kept praying for the McHargue’s and the Salladin’s and for us and for our church.  I was dozing in and out of restless sleep as I continued in the joy of our prayer time that afternoon.  The fire was also burning brighter than usual, but for some reason, I didn’t turn it down.  That kept me awake.  At some point, I did doze off and was awakened by the sound of a loud whistling wind.  I felt it as I heard it and sat right up.  I noticed that our front door was open.  I immediately got up with a sure sense that God was in the wind.  I went to shut the door and thought, “Why did God wake me up with a wind like this?  What does he want to show me?”  I looked outside and it was completely still.  My skin was tingling all over and I began to cry.  I walked around the house looking outside to see if there was any wind and it was completely still.  As I stood there and cried, I sensed a beautiful presence of God in our home.  It was as if the wind coming through the door was a fullness of his Holy Spirit, resting on us and on our home.  I woke Julie up and shared this experience with her.

I interpret this as a sign from God of a number of things.  First, that He was delighted and pleased with what we did that afternoon, and with what we are doing, not only praying for our church, but answering the call of caring for orphans and widows.  Second, I sensed an assurance that he was answering our prayer to fill us with the Holy Spirit in order that we could accomplish the task that he had ahead.  Third, I sensed a readiness – that he had heard our prayers and was going to literally open the door to bringing us the children we had been waiting and praying for.  Fourth, I felt in this wind, the presence of God giving me another big hug – just as he had at the Saddleback Conference nearly 2 years ago.  Saying, “You’re exactly where I want you.”

I continued to cry for the next half hour or so until I climbed into bed.  Julie and I prayed and thanked God and then went to sleep with full assurance that God was with us and will always be with us.  We also knew that we were making some new friends in the McHargue’s who were like-minded and like-hearted.  I also sensed that a phone call would come this week bringing us the next children God has for us.  We’ll see.



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I'm married with 4 kids, an orange farmer, a pastor and worship leader at Trinity Church. I love God and I love people. I seek to be wholly devoted to the glory of God, living all of my life as worship to Him.
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