On our Century Tea Piano Concert

I need to be brief this morning as I intend to finalize my thoughts for my part of the sermon on Sunday. I’ve been studying, discussing, writing and praying about where to lead my church family as we contemplate having “A Thankful Heart” on Sunday. But before I do, I must share about a wonderful event that we held at our home over the weekend. Our Weber piano is 100 years old this year, and as a celebration we threw a ‘Century Tea’ on Saturday afternoon, complete with a concert of classical works played by some of our church pianists. Our goal was to let the piano sing like it has never sung in it’s 100-year history, and I’m most certain that we accomplished that goal. The concert was simply wonderful! I felt like I was seated in Carnegie Hall – the quality of music was certainly worthy of such a venue, and should have been made available for such a crowd. Here is a list of the works for your reference.

Bill Born – Gounod: O Divine Redeemer
Roy Tinker – Shubert: Impromptu in A flat
Roy Tinker – Beethoven: Pathetique Sonata, 2nd Movement
Linda Carrier – Bach: Minuet I & II, Gavotte, Gigue from Partita in G flat
Linda Carrier – Chopin: Valse in C sharp minor
Linda Carrier – Debussey: Claire de Lune
Linda Carrier – Nazareth: Odeon
Dan Rogstad – Scarlotti: Keyboard Sonata Kk.551 in B flat major
Dan Rogstad – Chopin: Etudes Op 10, No5 in G flat major “Black Keys”
Dan Rogstad – Chopin: Nocturne for Paino in B flat minor, Op. 9/1, CT 109
Dan Rogstad – Ravel: Undine

In closing, I want to encourage my musicians (and Christian musicians everywhere) to use and develop their skills to be the best they can be, because the music we play is being presented as worship to the Almighty God. The music we play in the church worship service has the best message in the world. God is worthy of the most beautiful vocal or instrumental presentation we can give both in the church and/or the concert venue. And somehow when excellence comes from a humble heart and a life with Christ at the center, the spotlight is on God and not the performer. That’s how I felt on Saturday. The beauty of the music that was played awakened my soul. My mind was filled with the wonder of God who gives such gifts and ability to his people to use for his glory. I was inspired to devote myself to further developing my skills for his glory. I was reminded of the call from Psalm 33, encouraging me to “play skillfully with a shout for joy,” and Psalm 66 that says to “make God’s praise glorious.” Let’s turn off our televisions and computers and do more ‘living room’ concerts like this in our homes. To God be the glory!


Bill Born

If you are interested in a recording of the concert please contact me at bill@bornfun.com.



About bornfun

I'm married with 4 kids, an orange farmer, a pastor and worship leader at Trinity Church. I love God and I love people. I seek to be wholly devoted to the glory of God, living all of my life as worship to Him.
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