Celebrating Easter @ Trinity

April 15, 2009
7:07 AM

I’m still basking in the glow of Easter weekend and our worship services at Trinity Church. I just had a meeting last night with my Worship Planning Team. This team is primarily responsible for the Easter Sunday services and even though the Good Friday Service was outstanding, my focus will be on what happened Easter Sunday. My team spent the bulk of our time last night recounting the special moments, how we were personally touched and led in worship, and retelling what we have heard others share about their experience. We celebrated the work of the Lord, because we know that while we bring our very best, it is the presence of the Holy Spirit that touches hearts and makes a lasting impact as people experience God in the worship service. It is his work that matters most it goes before, through and beyond the experience of the moment. Truly what people experienced was something beyond what we could create and that is exactly as it should be – this was a clear answer to our prayers as a team. And so the first honor goes to our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was, is and always will be about him. As I was leading worship through our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services, my heart was drawn anew to worship to him and that was wonderful! Few people know of the teamwork that goes into planning and then pulling off a worship service like this. I found myself so grateful for the teams that I get to work with and I’d like to thank and honor some of the behind the scenes folks with the rest of this blog entry. Jeff Moore is the rehearsal director for the 7 vocalists and 16 instrumentalists that provided the beautiful music for our Sunday services. He is my friend and mentor and God used him to establish the worship culture at Trinity Church through his worship leadership before me. We musicians are incredibly blessed to be directed by Jeff. He is brilliantly gifted, yet humble and wonderful as he directs us. The quality of what you heard and experienced musically on Sunday is greatly attributed to his masterful leadership. Daniel Medina didn’t sleep much between Friday and Sunday as he was commissioned to capture our baptisms on Friday and put together a video to share that experience with all who came on Sunday. He is deeply gifted in the area of telling a story with media and did a masterful work of capturing the heart of what happened with the baptisms on Friday night. I don’t know how he did it in only 1 minute and 42 seconds. I know that this video edified and encouraged all who attended on Sunday and will continue to bear fruit for the kingdom as we rally at Trinity around the saving work of the Lord among us. Here it is. Steve Simons is a stage manager. He coordinated the 2 media techs Donna Lusher & Jenn Mullinex, sound technician & team leader Scott Tirrell, lighting technician and team leader Henry Meinders, camera operators David Ladner, Steve England & Norb Tellez, and the drama, dance, music & ushering teams. Steve’s role is to help us all work together to accomplish a successful worship service. He is a master of pulling off a smooth service, coordinating us, helping with transitions, problem solving with technical and personnel difficulties, relieving stress, putting out fires and making sure that what you see and experience is the highest quality possible. His administrative ability is a gift from the Lord and I appreciate his role and couldn’t pull off a service like this without him. Steve’s ministry is Christ-like to me in that he bears the stress that should rightfully be mine so that I might go free. Ken Weaver is the builder of crosses at Trinity. He is responsible for the beautiful and majestic centerpiece of our service. We had over a minute of time just to quietly reflect on the cross of Christ after the dance piece. Ken is a gentle and faithful servant, gifted as an artist and builder. I love him! I love working with him and appreciate the way he joyfully serves the Lord and his church. It was a great moment of worship, just the two of us, as we carried the cross together across campus into the worship center a few weeks ago. Jan Arnwine is the drama team leader. She brings a great heart to her work and did a great job directing her team of three as they led us in a powerful and thought provoking drama. The quality of what they did was top notch and led us all in contemplating the significance of the resurrection and the challenges that might
distract us from believing and being shaped by it. Mary Bawden led a team of 4 trained dancers in a piece that encouraged us to “Behold the Lamb” of God. She also had 4 additional young dancers helping to celebrate during “Happy Day” in the venue and then at the end of “Revelation Song” in the worship center. All of the dancers were beautiful and just shined the joy of the risen Christ in their faces as they danced. I was deeply moved during the “Behold the Lamb” piece and especially enjoyed the end with a simple spotlight on the cross for the last minute and a half. Mary”s heart is to put the spotlight on God through dance and she did a great job leading us up to this moment of reflection. Revelation Song was also a special way to end the service with the addition of her dancers. (We are waiting for permission to post the dance.) Jen Derksen made a very important contribution. She laid out a great spread in the back room for the dancers, technicians, thespians, and musicians I’ve just mentioned. She uses her culinary talents to edify the church and I praise God for the wonderful way she serves us during these special services during the year. I’d like to honor the Pastoral & Support Staff, my beloved colleagues. First mention must go to my administrative assistant, Sheri Blakey. She joyfully serves the Lord and all of us who serve by covering the hundreds of the details, coordinating all of our teams and services, communicating relentlessly, and planning everything down to the last minute. This year she was the stage manager for the service in the venue and it was a great success! She is truly a blessing to all of us, a co-leader with me, and irreplaceable as far as I’m concerned. Joe Cornell and Ron Berger support all things technical at Trinity. Ron helps set up and maintain our technical systems, ensuring highest quality and ease of operation. Joe sets up and tears down relentlessly without complaint and with incredible detail. Every ministry and every ear at Trinity is blessed by the service of Joe’s hands and he puts in countless hours to facilitate all things sound related at Trinity. Bruce Herwig and his assistants Donna Walker and Allison Anderson did a great job with printed materials and our overall theme for “The Greatest Day Ever!” It’s always a pleasure to partner with our Communications team. Gary was brilliant in his presentation of a monologue by Thomas. His knowledge of the Scriptures, his love for the Lord, for his church and for the lost, and his gift of teaching minister to each one of us on a weekly basis. Gary is also quite talented dramatically and shared that with all of us on Sunday. Every heart was deeply captivated by his message. He did such a great job walking us through the Jesus Story through the eyes of Thomas and then encouraging us to “stop doubting and believe.” I came away with a deeper faith and more sincere belief as a result. Gary ministers to me in this way every weekend! Check his part out here, What If It’s Really True?. God, thank you for our senior pastor, Gary Inrig! My close friend and mentor, Steve Springsted and his administrative assistant, Ann Mixon, coordinated everything outside – guest ministries include the parking team, welcome center, hospitality (food!), greeters and ushers. These folks were fantastic and are our front line, making people feel welcome into the Trinity Family as we gather to worship. He also coordinates a prayer team that prays during each service in the Prayer Room and is available to pray with folks who need prayer. He also has a team that follows up with our guests. Wow! That’s a lot! Shawn Brennan led our service in the venue and did a fantastic job with his team of high school students. Sheri said that her greatest joy was serving with these talented students who brought their best in service to the Lord and his church gathered in the venue. We are truly blessed at Trinity by our high school youth and by their pastor, Shawn. Finally, I love the church family that I get to lead in worship each week. God is working in our lives. Jesus is truly alive at Trinity Church demonstrated by the fact that we are growing more alive in him. He is doing great things as our family is growing numerically and in spiritual maturity. We are becoming better worshipers. I see the fruit of his Spirit filling and spilling over through us. May God continue to be praised each week as we gather to worship him, Christ our risen King!
Bill Born


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I'm married with 4 kids, an orange farmer, a pastor and worship leader at Trinity Church. I love God and I love people. I seek to be wholly devoted to the glory of God, living all of my life as worship to Him.
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