Here’s My Heart

by guest blogger, Gail Rogers

Music and song lyrics can be incredibly powerful, especially when they resonate and connect personally. As someone who tends to struggle with feeling I need to prove myself, or try to find my value in people, achievements or things – I am reminded that I belong to the One who is constant, steady and sure. This is very grounding and calming.

Upon first hearing this song, I enjoyed it, and knew that it was truth being sung. But as time went by I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Then, last fall, near the end of Women’s Bible Study, I realized why. The words of the song are not just “nice” and they aren’t written to just make us feel happy, better or good. The lyrics are more than that. They are truth. And they aren’t truth simply because I (and others) believe it or want them to be so. The statements declared are biblically based and can be found directly in Scripture. This means that everything we sing throughout that song is far more than fluffy, feel-good sentences. They are true, lasting and trustworthy statements of who we are (and have become) because of who God is. Because of this recognition, and a plan to share this song with the women in the Monday night group, I felt led to study through the lyrics of the song and find where each of the truths could be found in Scripture. It took a weekend, but it was a good time of study and connecting Scripture to song in a tangible way. (Here’s My Heart scripture truths.)

I was also drawn to the structure of the song because it doesn’t focus on “us” only. We are not the focus of our lives and we are not the most important thing. Our Savior, Redeemer, God and Father is to be of utmost importance. The song mirrors that. We do indeed need to know who we’ve become, and are free to be, because of Him. He frees us to think rightly of ourselves and calls us to that. But our life is far beyond us – we aren’t free and healed because of who we are; we are free and healed because of God, His grace and His work in us. Moving from rightly acknowledging ourselves in light of Christ into declaring who our God is and truths about Him is a beautiful model for our daily lives. The end of the final verse speaks to me; for He is more than enough, He is all I have, and He is my everything. I sing these words to glorify my God and to remind myself that I need to live for Him.

With a new year often come resolutions and goals, dreams and desires for something better and for change to be made. There is nothing wrong with that inherently, but as someone who struggles – I stress that we cannot find our worth, our focus, our peace or our assurance in anything but the God who stands sure through time. Resolutions to make good changes in our life will not save us, it will not change who we are from the inside out, and it will not redeem us. Christ’s redemption of our lives is the only way to find lasting stability and assurance in our lives. If there is a change that needs to be made, the best resolution to make is to turn your life over to Him and let Christ’s redemption and the work of the Holy Spirit work in you to truly bring change in your life. Look forward into a new year with hope, and be reassured of His grace. I encourage you not to resolve to just live a better 2016, but this song is a reminder that our lives are not our own, and we will be fulfilled by giving our lives fully to the God who redeemed them in the first place. Resolve to live for Christ not only in 2016 but the years to come. Learn more of Him and work to show the world the God who can redeem all who come to Him.

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I'm married with 4 kids, an orange farmer, a pastor and worship leader at Trinity Church. I love God and I love people. I seek to be wholly devoted to the glory of God, living all of my life as worship to Him.
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